The Official Guide to Evaluating ERP Software

  • Prepare: The Business Case for Change
  • Accelerate: To The Evaluation Process
  • Evaluate: Conduct a Thorough Analysis on What’s Working and Not Working in Your Major Business Processes
  • Compare, Contrast and Decide On: Choosing an ERP Vendor

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The decision to select a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software is a major undertaking for most organizations and you may have been tasked to take the initial steps in the process.


To better equip you with the right tools in your step by step ERP Software Evaluation we have put together the following certified ERP Software Evaluation guide which is built-on over 300 years of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Implementation Experience for companies of all sizes.


The Avantiico team is offering you a set of tools and templates that will help you prepare and execute a successful ERP Software evaluation that takes into account the needs of your entire organization. Because ERP Software delivers critical business information and tools to all your departments, it is vital that you carry out a comprehensive analysis from different perspectives that will address your organization’s questions and concerns ranging from the C-Level Suite down to the Power User Levels.


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