Evolve: The Journey to Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be hosted by Avantiico in partnership with Microsoft.

Join us as you begin the process of replacing your outdated ERP system, which may lack the ability to meet your organization’s current functional, technical, compliance and business requirements.

This four hour event on December 1st, 2017 will empower your business and technical decision makers with the information necessary to not only conduct an evaluation of an ERP system but help determine the key criteria that it must possess.

To visualize that criteria, you will be provided with an overview of how Microsoft Dynamics 365 meets your organization’s specific requirements. Microsoft’s representatives will be participating throughout the event and addressing industry specific questions. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to speak to a Microsoft Dynamics 365 client on their selection criteria, status of an implementation currently in-progress and what value-adds they found in a Microsoft Partner. Avantiico’s functional, business, technical and development resources will also be available throughout the day to answer any and all questions on Microsoft Dynamics 365!

Looking to move from your legacy ERP or CRM? Watch the video to see how our event can help?

Dedicated Dynamics 365 discussions will be presented by our Avantiico Team and our partners:


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*This event is for prospective and current users. It is closed to partner organizations.

Who should attend:

  • If you are new to enterprise suite technology and interested in the latest, scalable solutions in ERP and CRM

  • If you are beginning an evaluation for a new ERP system

  • If you are weighing options between on premise, hybrid, and cloud deployments of your ERP and CRM solutions

  • Senior levels within the IT, Accounting, Finance, Operations as well as ERP managers and business systems directors

Seminar Summary – Introduction to D365

Seminar focuses on a deep dive into:

  • What functional, technical, compliance and business capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help your organization.

  • Which options for implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 are right for you?

  • How long it typically takes to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 and how that relates to your functional, technical, compliance and business requirements

  • How the types of users and implementation deployments impact the cost of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Senior levels within the IT, Accounting, Finance, Operations as well as ERP managers and business systems directors

Evolve Agenda

We have a dedicated line up of topics from feedback from around the community.


9:30 – 10:00 AM


Amir Khoshniyati – Avantiico

Lauge Mathiesan – Avantiico

Tim Sullivan – Microsoft

  • Avantiico Welcome and Introductions

  • Microsoft Introductions

  • High level presentation on the event’s theme and goals as it applies to the audience as well as discussion on the upcoming sessions.

  • Agenda/Housekeeping

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Overview

10:00 – 11:30 AM


Maurice Cohen – Avantiico

Mark Abes – Dyn365 Pros

Ken Farmer – Dyn365 Pros


A high-level introduction to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 portfolio that will provide new comers of the product a foundational understanding of how it works in your environment

  • Speaker introduction: background and role at Avantiico

  • Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365

    • What is the value to senior executives?
    • What is the value to end-users?
    • What is the value to IT?
  • High-level review of relevant areas in Microsoft Dynamics 365 that complement your organization

    • Finance
    • Human Capital Management
    • Reporting and Business Intelligence
    • Project Service Automation
    • Field Service
    • Customer Service
    • Marketing & Sales
    • PowerApps and Flow

Out of the box - Reporting and Analytical tools

11:30 – 12:00 PM


Henrik Enk – Avantiico


This session is geared towards the Visual dashboards based on analytical data that allow users to navigate between summary views down to the transactional details that affect them

    • Dynamic 365 – Out of the box integration with Power BI
    • Power BI content packs
    • Other:


    • Operational views – Designed to address the specific needs of a given business persona.
    • Business documents – Static documents used to capture and exchange processed business data.
    • Electronic reporting – Tool used to configure formats for electronic documents.
    • Financial reporting – Designed to provide in-depth accounting management tools based on standard views of financial activities across legal entities.

Catered Onsite Lunch

12:00 – 12:30 PM

Client Story – NOVA Steel

  • Discuss what their selection criteria was?

  • Why did they choose Avantiico?

  • How the implementation is going so far?

The Azure Cloud: Security, IoT, and Cortana

12:30 – 1:00 PM


Henrik Enk – Avantiico

Jason Burg – Numa Networks

Craig Bucheli – Tegile


There is a lot to consider when looking to adopt a cloud-based infrastructure solution for your company. This session will review the most commonly voiced issues surrounding Cloud and address them with sound data.

Additionally, Avantiico will provide insight on the technical possibilities of going with Azure including the IoT Suite, Cortana, and associated use cases. The goal of this session is to outfit attendees with a knowledge base to make informed decisions on whether moving to the Cloud is the right fit for their organization.

  • Cloud Security & Azure Overview

  • D365 Infrastructure

  • Azure Possibilities

  • Iot/Cortana

Implementing Dynamics 365 under LCS & the ease of subsequent Support

1:00 – 1:30 PM


Henrik Enk – Avantiico


Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) helps improve the predictability and quality of implementations by simplifying and standardizing the implementation process. We will discuss this Azure-based collaboration portal that provides a unifying, collaborative environment along with a set of regularly updated services that help you efficiently and with few resources manage the application lifecycle of your implementations.

The Microsoft Support Lifecycle provides consistent and predictable guidelines for product support. Lifecycle services is helpful to the support process by providing the following content:

  • A place for users to store standard operating procedures

  • Environment management for cloud-based services

  • Integration with Visual Studio Team Services for managing issue tracking

  • Systems diagnostic capabilities

  • Ability to search known issues submitted by other Dynamics 365 users to Microsoft

Implementation of Dynamics 365 has five components. We will discuss how these components need to be carried out to ensure the success of your project. More importantly it will provide assurance with getting your project successfully delivered on time and within the budget you set.

  • Diagnostics

  • Analysis

  • Design

  • Development

  • Deployment

Licensing Options for Microsoft Dynamics 365

1:30 – 2:00 PM


Henrik Enk – Avantiico


This session will provide insight for how licensing plays into your ERP Roadmap planning initiatives. During this time, we will review the flexible and straightforward Microsoft Dynamics 365 subscription Licensing model. Additionally, attendees will gain an understanding of subscription prices and options as well as deep dive into the true value behind going with the cloud.

General Session Wrap-up

2:00 PM

Avantiico, Microsoft and Clients will highlight specific best practices, customer success stories, and open Q&A time.

  • Townhall discussion and open forum for questions.

  • Focus topics on providing insight on how Microsoft Dynamics 365 fits your industry’s needs and its role shaping the future of the vertical.