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The New Dynamics AX Video Overview

Avantiico’s New Dynamics AX knowledge base compiles the information that Dynamics customers and prospects need to make smarter decisions.

Using our knowledge base, customers can get the answers that will drive their future roadmaps to the New Dynamics AX, hybrid solutions, or a full-cloud deployment such as Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The New Microsoft Dynamics AX features a brand new technology stack and a cloud-based, Azure-hosted infrastructure platform, making for a more modern, secure, and mobile Dynamics experience.

The New Dynamics AX adds accessibility to your Dynamics AX so your system can be logged into from any web browse. Also, new formatting allows access from virtually any mobile device. Improvements in the user interface and search tools also allow for better multitasking abilities and greater productivity.

Brand new support and training features in the New Dynamics AX keep the user in mind every step of the way. From a new AX Wiki feature to an improved Task Guides feature, users both new and old have access to the tools they need to train new employees and troubleshoot processes with click-by-click video guides.

This video file includes:

  • Convenient mobile and cloud accessiblity
  • The much-anticipated Workspace functionality
  • All-new training features
  • Completely revamped personalization capabilities
  • Time and money-saving support features

Avantiico is a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, Microsoft Dynamics Value Added Reseller, Microsoft Dynamics Full Stack Partner, and Microsoft Azure Partner based in the United States. Our team is headquartered in Southern California, San Diego.

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