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When it comes to mobility for Dynamics – rely on a trusted framework for both Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Microsoft Dynamics 365. As an experienced mobile development partner, we can help you master your organization’s mobile initiatives through our various applications within the Microsoft Dynamics AX Stack. You can now have the time saving benefits and efficiency at your fingertips with our flexible framework that builds off our mobile application.

Key Features of AXAdmin

  • Application Object Server (AOS) Management

  • Batch Job Management

  • Windows Services Management

  • Dynamics AX User Management

  • Customizable Settings

Mobile Framework for Dynamics AX Users

System Management

Monitor AOS and Inbound Port status and load. Access to License Reports and Client Sessions.

Token Authentication

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) ensures secure log-in and AX role-based access is upheld.

AX Notifications

View notifications for Alerts, Database Log, AIF Queue, SQL Trace Log, and more.

Manage Batch Jobs

Start and stop batch jobs or drill down into details and fix errors.

Native iOS User Experience

Dynamics AX with the nimble navigation and intuitive UI of iOS devices.

Custom Settings

Ability to access multiple legal entities, set data pull timeframe, and app timeouts.

Customers who have benefited from Our Mobile Applications

  • The AXAdmin App was created as a foundation for your organization’s mobile framework and serves as a robust monitoring platform for Microsoft Dynamics AX™.


    This app breaks new grounds delivering options for busy IT Managers and AX System Administrators to easily access AX system and environment information on-demand.
  • Early insight on performance issues and avoiding downtime enable your business and teammates to reach greater goals. In addition, you can leverage our Microsoft Dynamics AX applications for workflow approvals and tasks. For use with Dynamics AX 2012 RTM, R2 FP, and R3.

    In our path to becoming a mobility leader for Microsoft Dynamics we have extended our practice group to master the security and integrations needed to Azure and the Azure Service Bus. 
    When there is a need for mobile remote access into your organization’s Dynamics AX Environment, we understand the level of security needed to protect your sensitive data. As a result, we have leveraged Active Directory Federation Services (ADfS) to help you token authenticate all users at multiple levels and within various hosting platforms – be it cloud, edge and/or local business. Contact us today to learn how our mobile framework can assist with your organization’s initiatives.
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With the AXAdmin Mobile App you are no longer tied to your desk or PC. Get the information you need, take action with ease, and spot system issues whenever and wherever your busy schedule takes you – be it the server room or the beach!

For Whom?
This app is tailored for Infrastructure and System Administrators of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

For use with Dynamics AX 2012 R3 and supports compatibility with AX 2012 RTM and R2/FP. Currently available for iOS 8 and later.

Additional Info
AXtras is a subsidiary company of Avantiico. For additional information about the mobile app, go the official page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for answers? Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about AXAdmin.

What systems and platforms is the AXAdmin App Compatible with?

Platforms: iPhone and iPad running iOS 8 and later

Systems: Dynamics AX 2012 RTM, R2 FP, and R3

Is the App available for Android?

No, due to the high security standards AXAdmin was developed with there is currently no compatible security protocol available for Android. However, this is in the roadmap for future development.

How does the App work?

AXAdmin is comprised of three core pieces of technology:

  • x++ code and use of Microsoft’s Application Integration Framework (AIF)
  • A middle-tier communications foundation that uses Azure Service Bus Relays
  • The front end mobile client – the AXAdmin App on your phone!

How does AXAdmin's security work?

AXAdmin manages security on a few different levels:

  1. Device: iOS devices come outfit with a number of security features, like Touch ID, that AXAdmin is compatible with
  2. Log-in Process: AXAdmin uses Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). ADFS works with an organization’s instance of Active Directory Domain Services to authenticate users of the mobile phone application. Users are authenticated based on credentials that are sent by the mobile phone application. Upon successful authentication, ADFS returns a token to the mobile phone application.
  3. Azure: Using the Azure cloud and Service Bus Relays ensures your Dynamics AX is never exposed externally.
  4. AX User Rights: Through the use of ADFS only certified AX users can log-in. Once inside the App, Users have the same rights as they do in AX, meaning they cannot access functionality that they would not typically have contact with in a desktop version of AX.

How much does it cost?

We have tiered pricing — please contact for more information.

Are there any prerequisites to getting the App?

Yes, in order to use the AXAdmin solution you need:

  1. Apple B2B Volume Purchase Program (VPP) Account:
    1. The B2B store is free and is the only way to securely deploy the App to your personal device.
  2. Azure Subscription
  3. Operating on a Windows Server version 2008 or later for ADFS functionality

How often is the AXAdmin App upgraded?

Our development team aims to upgrade the product semi-annually based on direct customer feedback for enhanced feature/capability. Our roadmap includes more mobile applications that are Dynamics focused. Contact us at to learn how you can become a development partner and save on your license costs!

Do you need more information?

Product Sheet: AXAdmin »

Download this product sheet to see why the features of AXAdmin is the solution for your organization.

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*Please contact for log-in credentials.

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