Purpose-built for Microsoft Dynamics AX users

Scalable Mobile Framework

Utilize our mature and flexible framework tailored to support all your mobility requirements.

Approve Securely with Ease

Our approvals application will save you time on-the-go for timesheet, expense, invoice and many other approvals.

Command and Take Control

Save yourself the effort with our admin application and securely manage Dynamics AX remotely.

Unmatched Mobility Services

Whether you are building power apps, looking to integrate software into a mobile device or anything related — our experts are standing by to assist!

Extend Dynamics AX out of the office.

Choose the right app for your organization.

AX Workflow App

AXWorkflow shows the AX user their approvals. All approvals within Dynamics AX including any custom made ones specific to the company will show up in the app and allow the user to view all important information about the approval and then take action on that approval.

AX Admin App

AXAdmin is all about monitoring AX system health. View AOS’s, critical batch jobs, windows services, AX users, and AX notifications. Taking many different areas within AX and putting them all in one location to make things easier on your IT manager.

Customers who have benefited from Our Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications for Dynamics AX

Businesses are realizing many of their day-to-day tasks can be taken off the computer and made more efficient and productive as phone or tablet applications. No longer does being on vacation or away from the corporate internal network mean not being able to manage critical decisions that can greatly impact the company’s future.

Mission Control for your Dynamics AX Solution

AXtras has created a mobility framework which allows us to easily produce iOS applications which connect with Microsoft Dynamics AX to securely access sensitive business data and allow the AX user to be able to read and take action on that information from within the iOS applications.

Using Azure relays and a custom built connector this mobile framework is easy to setup so your company does not need an extensive development period.

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