Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications that enable your organization to grow, evolve and digitally transform to meet the needs of your customers and capture new opportunities by unifying traditional CRM software and ERP software capabilities into new purpose-built applications.


Before you get started on your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Journey it is important to identify where you stand within the process:


Whichever scenario you fall into, we are standing by to assist you with your journey to Dynamics 365. Learn more about how Avantiico’s Enterprise Resource Planning Software Readiness Package will simplify your journey by clicking here.

Transform How Work is Done With Microsoft Dynamics 365

Manage Specific Business Processes

These applications work seamlessly together in the cloud or on premise to manage specific business processes across:



RETAIL / Ecommerce


Finance and Operations

Customer Service




Common Data Model

The New Common Data Model and seamlessly built business applications platform enable you to transform and react to market demand at a record setting pace. 

Office 365 Applications

Enable productivity like never before with Office 365 applications that streamline daily activities with personal productivity.

Power BI and Cortana Intelligence

Deliver business intelligence by embedding Power BI and Cortana Intelligence to help achieve predictive insights, prescriptive advice and forecast next steps. 

Azure and IoT

With the help of Azure and Internet of Things (IoT) you can now bring device data to enable preemptive action to business functions.

Cloud First

Take full advantage of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and its broad range of benefits. Enjoy the flexibility to grow at your own pace and scale your operations globally to meet your business needs.

A New User Experience

Increase productivity with the customizable user dashboard and a new workspace view that makes any module just a click away.

Lifecycle Services

Improve the quality of your Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation by standardizing the implementation process to realize business value faster with Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS)

Quicker implementation & Easier Management

Increase agility and to value with a more flexible solution architecture that enables incremental implementations, changes and updates.

Mobile First

Leverage a mobile-first ERP solution and enable employees to make smarter decisions with the real-time access to the business insights and intelligence on nearly any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Speed and Simplicity of Microsoft Azure

Simplify production environments and reduce backup servers without compromising security all while enjoying the lightning-fast speed of the new cloud optimized Azure development.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies the best of Microsoft’s customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies the best of Microsoft’s customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions into one fully integrated cloud, hybrid (cloud and edge) or on premise (local business data) service.

Security is a topic that is commonly overlooked early on but requires adequate planning. Our team of experts partnered with industry leading professionals can assist you with your Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM and 365 security, audits, reporting and compliancy requirements. Click here to learn more.

Dynamics 365 offers a seamless integration with Office 365 and allows you to tailor your implementation with sophisticated productivity apps to support crucial business processes, including: sales, customer service, finance, field service, operations, marketing and project service automation.

Why Trust Avantiico?

We understand that many of you have had significant investments in your current versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX and while you are living out the extended shelf life of your current ERP, we can roadmap and align your future organizational initiatives towards Dynamics 365. We have access to data migration sets that are compatible to both Dynamics AX 2009 and Dynamics AX 2012 and can assist you with a smooth upgrade to Dynamics 365.

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