Avantiico’s ERP Software Readiness Package Will Prepare You for All Things in Your Transition to a Scalable Solution.

Selecting an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is one of the biggest decisions your organization will take on as it grows. This is because an ERP system provides financial, human resources/payroll, CRM, project accounting, procurement, supply chain, manufacturing, service management, and business intelligence capabilities across the enterprise. With all the variables of selecting the right ERP solution coupled with whether you choose a cloud or on-premise deployment, you need a trusted ERP and Accounting Software resource to select the right solution.


Whether you are a CFO, CIO, COO, VP of Sales, VP Human Resources, VP Manufacturing, VP Operations, Controller, project manager, service manager, business analyst or somewhere in between – our ERP Software Readiness Package will be able to assist you as you embark in the journey to find your perfect ERP and Accounting software solution.


We have multiple steps in the ERP Software Readiness Package that include providing you with:



The Avantiico ERP team understands your concerns regarding how to select the right ERP and accounting software, the budgeting process, and implementation timelines, and subsequent support for your users. The Avantiico ERP Software Readiness Package walks you through ERP best practices for how to stay on track during the entire course of your ERP selection process and implementation project.


Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Evaluation Guide applies to all verticals whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, retailor, professional/financial services firm or within the public sector arena. Here you have resources to assess if there are good use cases for financial, human resources/payroll, CRM, project accounting, procurement, supply chain, manufacturing, service management, and business intelligence software to aid in your search for the perfect ERP solution.

Our ERP Software Readiness Package Will Provide The Following Benefits:

Taking Your ERP Software Goals And Making Them a Reality!

Selecting a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a major decision for organizations due to all the factors that must be considered. This ERP Software Evaluation guide shows how having a well thought out evaluation process leads to the selection of the right enterprise resource planning solution for your organization. This evaluation process must be strategically thought out as the selection of the ERP system will impact your organization for the next 7-10 years.


  • Have you thought about a business case?
  • Have you thought about senior management buy-in?
  • Have you thought about mapping out your requirements/business processes?
  • Have you thought about how you vet ERP vendors?


If not, this guide is meant for you because it provides in detail, answers to all these questions and more. Only through a thorough analysis using our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Evaluation Guide, will your organization set up the appropriate evaluation process best practices so that you will select the right ERP software vendor as your solution.


At Avantiico, we understand the investment you are looking to take on needs to be reviewed from all perspectives and as a result our ERP Software Evaluation Guide will provide you with best practices such as the need to pull together subject matter experts from all departments of your organization (Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Warehouse, Shipping, Etc.) to help craft the details needed to assist in the evaluation process.


To make the ERP Software Evaluation process easier we will provide you with a personal ERP Software Evaluation Coach that can assist with the completion of the guide, answer miscellaneous questions and educate you on your ERP journey.

Inspire. Educate. Challenge.

The ERP Software Evaluation Guide will provide a sense of organization to better align the subject matter experts within the different departments of your organization. We understand that the inspiration for a modern and lean ERP Software Solution came from your C-Level Executives, IT or Finance Departments or another part of your organization.


Our goal is to educate you on the best practices in your selection criteria and help organize this in a fashion that brings together trusted and proven steps towards a successful selection (and later implementation). Our ERP Software Evaluation criteria will assist and challenge you to pull together your current team configurations to ensure that the proper steps towards change management are well-adopted in the early stages. It is important for your organization’s employees to understand all the details and have a complete buy-in through the evaluation, planning, training, implementation, post-live and support stages to allow for a smooth ERP selection and future deployment.


A thorough and organized evaluation plan will be crafted with the assistance of the ERP Software Evaluation Guide to ensure that people are ready to execute the evaluation process so that it leads to the right new ERP Software. The Avantiico ERP Software Evaluation Guide will not only focus on inspiring, educating and challenging but will address change impact, organizational readiness, employee communication, senior management buy-in, and other key organizational change activities that happen so that to ensure your people are as ready as possible and involved at all stages of the evaluation process.


ERP implementations typically see plenty of risk without the proper checks and balance. Our mitigation to this risk is through our ERP Software Evaluation Guide and the various steps needed for conducting an ERP evaluation using best practices. Again, if the evaluation process is not comprehensive, the ERP system selected may not only be wrong but the evaluation process itself may not have the support within the organization to succeed.


The fact at hand is that no evaluation– no matter how well-planned and executed – is without risk, which is why it is important to have a formal ERP Software Readiness Assessment in place to mitigate those risks.


The Avantiico ERP Software Readiness Package will offer your organization the proper tools and steps forward in conducting an evaluation process that will find the best solution that fits you regardless of the industry you fall into. Avantiico not only will guide you through the evaluation process, provide an ERP Coach but also will make you aware of incentives by aligning with many non-profit and government backed organizations (such as CMTC) which can provide hundreds of thousands of dollars to credit towards your implementation of the right ERP solution.

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