Whether you are planning for a new or upgraded Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM or 365 project you will require the proper security, auditing, compliance and reporting framework to ensure your staff has the appropriate levels of productivity and efficiency.





We have built a methodology with the most trusted names in the industry to bring forth the proper framework to our clients. This framework ensures their organization (whether private or public) can meet all their security access, segregation of duties monitoring and compliance requirements.

Through a three-step process crafted with our partners we understand:

Access: Who has it within the organization?

 Changes: Who made them and when?

 Risk: Do you know where you are vulnerable?

Our implementation team of Microsoft Dynamics Consultants has been the turn-to solution provider for rescue projects since 2006. We have encountered issues throughout the years around security access related to users, user groups, duties, privileges and roles and are standing by to assist when needed. When it comes to security, auditing, compliancy and reporting requirements – rely on a trusted name with a proven track record to assist you with your most sensitive objectives.